Marisa Hernandez

Chief Executive Officer

Since 2007, Marisa has been driving Ingelia's development and contributes to the commercialisation of the HTC technology at industrial scale. She is also responsible for investor relations and has closed three funding rounds. After an initial phase of technology development, she is structuring Ingelia to deploy their technology throughout Europe. She is responsible for the commercialization of the HTC technology and is in charge of developing the Spanish market. She has managed to establish Ingelia Italia for Italian deployment and has closed commercial agreements with CPL Industries in the UK. She is developing commercial agreements in Europe, Canada and USA.

Since 2009 she has served as CEO and is in charge of international deployment, project financing, and biocoal offtake. Marisa is an Industrial Engineer (Politechnic University of Valencia) and has an Executive MBA. She has 18 years’ experience launching and consolidating innovative startups.