László Szabó

Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research (REKK)

László Szabó is the director of the Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research (REKK, Hungary). He is an energy economist specialising in energy policy covering renewable energy, climate change policy and energy infrastructure development. Previously he held several positions in the Hungarian public administration as well as in the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (IPTS), where he dealt with long term energy modelling of energy technology developments. He participated in EU research projects assessing the EC energy policy instruments, e.g. Cascade-Mint, Weto-H2 and Peseta projects. Since over 8 years he coordinates regional research projects of REKK, e.g. the SEERMAP project on long term electricity sector modelling, as well as to contribute to international research projects, such as the Towards 2030-Dialogue project. He teaches at the energy economic course at the Corvinus University of Budapest, as well as on energy regulatory specialised courses. He also publishes research articles in peer reviewed scientific journals in the field of climate change policy, renewable policy and energy infrastructure assessment.