Aleksandar Medjedovic

Executive Board Member
TD-IHK (Turkish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

Aleksandar Medjedovic is a Member of the Executive Board of the Turkish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TD-IHK) in Berlin/Germany, and a freelance Development & Strategy Advisor and Business Partner at INEAST Consulting in Bonn/Germany. He practices within the fields of new market entry, cross-border expansion, foreign direct investments, human resources, new product & brand development and start-up management. He covers industrial fields such as energy and automotive supply, ICT and textile/fashion, food and agriculture, construction and media. In parallel, he advises on markets and ecosystems, for which he has bred his experience for more than 30 years now. The geographical scope of his work covers Turkey and Germany, Iran and other Gulf Countries, Singapore and other parts of Asia, Mexico and other Latin American places, and various East European markets such as Slovakia, Romania, Croatia and Serbia. 
Aleksandar has gained his professional experience in Sales, Marketing and Management positions for British and German business media and trade fair companies, for whom he has worked 20 years in Germany, Switzerland, the United States, France, Singapore and Turkey. In addition, he serves the Executive Boards of the Croatian, Swedish and Serbian Business Councils at DEIK, the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey in Istanbul, where he has contributed to shaping economic relations between Turkey and those countries. 
Aleksandar is a mentor and trainer at Start-up Accelerators and Bootcamps in Berlin, Vienna and Lisbon. There, and as a lecturer at Universities in Germany and Turkey, he tries to pass on his experience to the young generation of entrepreneurs. He has completed university education in Germany and in France, with degrees in Political Science and Economics and he is a frequent media contributor and guest on TV programs in Turkey, Eastern Europe and Germany. Aleksandar lives in Istanbul/Turkey and in Berlin/Germany.