European Annual Gas Conference November 2020

Chikako Ishiguro 195X200

Chikako Ishiguro

Senior Analyst
Osaka Gas Company

Chikako Ishiguro is Senior Researcher and Analyst at Osaka Gas. As a member of the Energy Resources and International Business Unit of the company, Chikako heads up energy market research and analysis activities of the company where she has worked for over 10 years. Throughout her career, Ishiguro has pursued in-depth global market analysis in key energy sectors, particularly in LNG.

Previously, she was Head of Market Research Division of Osaka Gas International Transport, a subsidiary of Osaka Gas. She is a co-author of OIES papers: Pricing and Demand for LNG in China (2006); A New Paradigm for Natural Gas Pricing in Asia; A Perspective on Market (2009), and A Realistic Perspective on Japan's LNG Demand after Fukashima (2012), The Outlook for Natural Gas and LNG in China in the War against Air Pollution (2018).

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