EAGC 2018 moves to Berlin

The EAGC main conference will be split into Supply Innovation and Demand Innovation and you will hear from and meet with key players involved in issues such as Nord Stream 2,LNG, Green Gas and Mobility. This is supported by new formats that put networking at the centre of the content, such as on the Traders’ Day!

Underlining this year’s theme of Innovation, EAGC 2018 welcomes a range of new supporters and features.


Meet Decision Makers
The opportunity to meet the people that matter in the European gas, LNG and energy sector under one roof, in one place
Gain fresh perspectives
Learn from business leaders outside of gas, LNG and energy to gain fresh and innovative new perspectives
Hear from thought leaders
Learn from the sharpest and most experienced minds in the industry to give your organisation a more competitive, lucrative edge in a rapidly-evolving energy landscape
Update your technical know-how
Sharpen your technical skills and learn about the latest energy innovations at the NEW Future of Energy stream
Understand business critical issues
Deep dive into critical issues including geopolitics, environment and market dynamics that can impact on your entire future business strategy
Network with industry peers
Network with your peers, meet new industry partners and be part of Europe’s most prestigious gas, LNG and energy meeting
Highlighted Sessions Wed 7th Nov | Traders Day & Day 1 Future of Energy
  • EFET Keynote Address 
  • A truly pan-European gas market? Developing CEE liquidity and integration with Western European gas trade​
  • Audience debate: How can we transform the existing infrastructure and technology to transition from coal and oil installations to gas?
Highlighted Sessions Thur 8th Nov
  • Nord Stream 2 – “The Politics of Economics”​
  • ​LNG Imports into Europe? How will Asian market development impact pricing and availability?
  • Ask the experts: The future of energy storage
Highlighted Sessions Friday 9th Nov
  • Green Gas Innovation Forum​
  • Going Mobile: How gas will be powering Europe over land and sea​
  • Tech-powered discussion: Electric Vehicles, the future of mobility?



Address: Andel’s by Vienna House Berlin
Landsberger Allee 106
10369 Berlin
Website: https://www.viennahouse.com/en/andels-berlin/the-hotel/overview.html


A wide ranging conference with powerfully spoken and persuasive speakers, experts in their fields. The conference provided an holistic take of the gas industry and provided a good environment to meet new and old industry colleagues. I benefitted from the opportunity to have a number of meetings in one setting.

Ed Gomersall
Senior Partner, Poten & Partners