European Annual Gas Conference November 2020

A unique, challenging and bold conference programme

This year's EAGC addressed the stark new realities facing the industry and tackled the challenges confidently, openly and honestly.

Roles of key stakeholders across the value chain were included and the needs of producers & suppliers, traders & investors, end-users & utilities, plus policy makers & regulators, all formed part of our group of enthusiastic professionals who undertook a holistic and thorough examination of the state of our industry in Europe today.

Transforming and Shaping Europe's Decarbonising Gas Industry 

The European gas industry has long argued that gas has a significant role to play as a bridging fuel in making the transition towards decarbonised energy markets. But policymakers and environmental groups in Europe remain sceptical, and over the course of the next decade, the gas industry faces its greatest existential crisis as major policy decisions will be taken that could permanently impact on the industry’s future.

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“Gas will need to decarbonise and yet remain cost-competitive with other fuel sources”

A new level of urgency now underpins discussions around the medium and longer-term outlook for the European gas industry, as recognition grows that a new level of ambition will be required to decarbonise and transform the energy and power sectors. As a result, gas will need to adopt a major new stance in order to survive and thrive:

“Gas will need to decarbonise and yet remain cost-competitive with other fuel sources”

2019 Key themes included

The 2019 EAGC placed the energy customer and end-user experience at the heart of its agenda.



 A focus on the diversifying, alternative uses for gas - "green" and "blue" gas - across industry and a comparison on how it can compete in future against other sources of fuel.

A boldly addressed of the decarbonisation of gas and the EU's energy policies, whilst we examinated the differences between policy makers on gas and future gas roles. 

We brought senior leaders together to explore how the gas industry can survive and thrive in a low-carbon, low-emissions Union post-2040.

The role for gas in transport was examined within the context of senior end-users and transportation organisations and customers.

Why attend in 2020?

Meet decision makers – hear the very latest insights from thought-leaders in Europe's gas, LNG and energy sector.

Gain new perspectives – hear from inspiring business minds outside of energy, and gain fresh and inspiring new perspectives.

Hear from thought-leaders – learn from the sharpest minds in the industry; gain a competitive edge on your competition in a rapidly evolving energy landscape.

Address business-critical issues – discuss and debate the very latest critical issues, from geopolitics and environment, to market dynamics and major shifts in business strategy.

Take advantage of a focused, strategic networking platform in 2020

Engage with your peers, meet new industry partners, and expand your industry connections


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