Global LNG Info

World's LNG Plants and Terminals Database offering the most comprehensive, viable and reliable data source covers detailed & perfect information about all LNG production facilities (LNG Plants) and the LNG receiving facilities (LNG Terminals) that are on stream, under construction, planned and/or proposed/under-study to be built in the world; 

  • World’s LNG Sales Contracts covers detailed information about all LNG contracts (LNG SPA, HOA, Tolling...);
  • Monthly Global LNG Trade presents LNG imports quantities and imported prices by the main LNG importers in the world;
  • Global LNG Shipping presents world LNG shipping facts & graphs, interesting LNG shipping information and an LNG shipping cost calculator;
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Special Reports 

Global LNG Info is available as a reliable source to undertake your tailor-made statistical reports, research and analysis reports, case study, views on news, and insight depending on the requirements of the clients.


Global LNG Info specialized consulting service utilizes its expert knowledge and vast experience of the global LNG markets, including supply-demand forecasting, identifying market trends, marketing, shipping and storage to provide clients with the tools necessary for them to make perfect intelligent decisions.