FuturENERGY is a benchmark publication for the dissemination of projects, technologies and current developments in the energy sector.

To keep pace with the times, the magazine covers every topic of interest: energy efficiency, production from renewable sources – wind, biomass, marine, geothermal, solar thermal, photovoltaic and CSP-,CHP, trigeneration and micro-CHP, efficient and sustainable construction, in addition to energy management and refurbishment. It also covers smart cities and everything connected to this concept such as district heating & cooling and sustainable mobility. Technical articles, opinion-editorials, market reports, together with plant reports, are just some of the important editorial content offered by FuturENERGY.

FuturENERGY publishes 10 issues per year in a fully bilingual format (Spanish/English), with a print run of 7,000 copies. The digital version reaches the email inboxes of more than 100,000 professionals worldwide.

FuturENERGY`s website provides the perfect complement to the printed magazine. Thanks to its carefully organised content, readers can keep up-to-date with current sector developments, selecting content by topic. Readers also have access to a free library of all the published back copies, available to be read and/or downloaded.

FuturENERGY's active presence on the main social networks serves as a unique vehicle for keeping pace with everything going on in the sector, a fact endorsed by the continuous increase in the number of our followers.

To complete this spectrum of products and services, FuturENERGY takes part in the key sector events: national and international trade fairs, conferences and technical workshops. Wherever energy and energy efficiency experts and professionals come together, FuturENERGY is present, offering its contributors and advertisers the most comprehensive and specific distribution, keeping abreast of current developments to bring its readers first-hand information.

Clearly committed to internationalisation, FuturENERGY has an office in Mexico, which gives it close contact with the entire Latin American market.