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Awards Entry:

We would like to nominate Peter Röttgen, Managing Director of the Germany’s Federal Renewable Energy Federation (BEE). Mr. Röttgen strongly advocates for the partnership between gas and renewables and highlights the role of sector coupling for the energy transition. 

Statement on relationship between gas and renewables (unfortunately only in German):

More information on Mr. Röttgen:

About the organization:

he German Renewable Energy Federation (BEE) is the umbrella organization for German renewable energy associations. The federation was founded in 1991 and represents the overall interests of the renewable energy industry in the political and public sphere. Our 49 member organizations unite the sectors of wind and solar energy, biomass, water power and geothermal energy and represent a total of over 30 000 individual members and companies. BEE is actively promoting renewable energy on an EU level, federal level and state level. 

LinkedIn profile: Mr. Röttgen