Communicating and proving natural gas is part of the climate change solution

Since the liberalisation of the European gas markets, policy analysts agree the EU gas markets have radically evolved. With more LNG entering the markets and with an increasing number of gas pipelines coming into action, the European gas industry continues to grow and change.

Ahead of the 2018 European Autumn Gas Conference, Gastech Insights spoke with Governing Body Member and Head of Politics and Associations at Gelsenwasser, Dr Arnt Baer to find out more about Europe’s gas market and how Germany is maximising the value of natural gas.

Gastech Insights: As the dynamics of the market evolve, how is Gelsenwasser maximising the value of natural gas in Germany?

Dr Arnt Baer - The heating market has indeed become quite dynamic, especially during last the last ten years. You cannot provide the only type of heating system, you have to be ahead of the market. It is all about the customer. We provide different solutions, depending on the focus, be it be a good price, independence or a tribute to a better climate. Very often the consulting ends in a gas-based or at least combined heating- system.

Gastech Insights: Germany is Europe's largest gas market; where do you see the industry heading in the next 5-10 years?

Dr Arnt Baer - That depends to a very high degree on the ability of the industry to communicate better the advantages of the product regarding costs and - even more important - CO2 - reduction. There is a huge political discussion on this topic going on in Berlin and in Brussels and we need to prove to the governments that the gas industry is part of the solution.

Gastech Insights: Why should industry players attend the 2018 European Autumn Gas Conference?

Dr Arnt Baer - In my view, it is important to intensify the network when times are getting more complex. The whole industry will be in Berlin for the upcoming EAGC, as well as important political decision-makers, making the event very worth a trip!

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Image courtesy of Gelsenwasser