European Annual Gas Conference November 2020

Thank you to our 2019 Advisory Board Members

The EAGC 2019 Advisory Board welcomed experts that represented the new energy landscape, and who had the foresight and vision to recognise that our industry is evolving rapidly. Our members have contributed a great deal to the structure, direction and balance of our 2019 programme.

The role of gas and LNG in the European gas market is being continually challenged as the world decarbonises, regional policies drive energy diversification and competition challenges the economics of gas and its place in the energy mix. The new EAGC will address these and other key issues facing the gas industry. The discussion at EAGc in Paris in November will be an important part of this gas debate and one that should not be missed.
David Ledesma Energy & Strategy Consultant and Senior Fellow Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
David Ledesma 195X200
The EAGC provides insightful analysis and discussions on key events impacting the European gas markets. It's a premier event where industry leaders have the opportunity to present thei respective stories or debate relevant gas topics. I personally find the interactions with event attendees to be constructive, and it provides me with a chance to network with relevant decision makers. The EAGC is an industry event that is well organised and timely, and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in current European gas topics, as it will provide the opportunity to hear some of the emerging trends and regulatory issues facing the gas industry.
Mark Gyetvay Deputy Chairman and Chief Financial Officer PAO Novatek
Mark Gyetvay 195X200
As the has market transitions, the future will bring changes that the sector must be prepared for. I would recommend industry players attending the new EAGC in November as they will be exposed to industry discussions with main market players and will be able to discover key insights into the advances and promising outlook into the future of gas. So, find new connections and share your knowledge by attending EAGC 2019 in Paris.
Michael Kohl Managing Director innogy Gas Storage
Michael Kohl 195X200
The EAGC 2019 offers an excellent opportunity, towards the end of the year, to gain fresh perspectives on the emerging trends for 2020 and beyond and provides an opportunity to network with a broad mix of new contacts from across the industry.
Mark Simons Head of Upstream Gas Origination Total
Mark Simons 195X200

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