European Annual Gas Conference November 2020


The 34th edition of the European Annual Gas Conference unveiled a new direction for the event, in recognition of the rapidly-evolving energy landscape in Europe, with a stronger emphasis on decarbonisation and energy transition than ever before. Held at the fabulous Le Grand Intercontinental hotel in Paris, attendees were inspired by their surroundings and enjoyed a fruitful, productive and insightful time.

208 international energy professionals attended and we heard from 57 speakers, covering a wealth of challenging and often controversial subjects that took the gas industry outside of its comfort zone.

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The 34th European Annual Gas Conference (EAGC) took place in Paris, 5-7 November, and remained one of Europe’s most renowned energy conferences, bringing together 300 senior-level energy business leaders and policymakers.

Global, game-changing speakers from government and industry shared their expertise and viewpoints on Europe’s future role within the decarbonising gas and energy markets. The EAGC was a reflection of the needs the gas industry is facing to evolve and transform, to ensure future relevance and prosperity.





Fasludeen Haddi
Fasludeen Hadi
Chief Executive Officer
PETRONAS Energy Trading Ltd
Baroness Bryony Worthington (1)
Baroness Bryony Worthington
Executive Director – Europe
Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
Francisco De La Flor 195X200
Francisco P. de la Flor
Director, International Organizations
Enagás, S.A.
Murray Douglas 195X200
Murray Douglas
Research Director European Gas
Massimo Di Odoardo
Massimo Di Odoardo
Vice President Global Gas & LNG Research
Keith Martin
Keith Martin
Executive Board Member
Uniper SE
Jason Tate EAGC
Jason Tate
Chief Operating Officer, European Gas & Power
Jorgo Chatzimarkakis
Jorgo Chatzimarkakis
Secretary General
Hydrogen Europe
Valentin Hohn
Valentin Höhn
Chairman – Gas Group
IFIEC Europe
Jean Marc Leroy
Jean-Marc Leroy
President, GIE and Senior Vice President, Infrastructure ENGIE
Gas Infrastructure Europe
Roger Bounds
Roger Bounds
Vice President Strategy & Portfolio – Integrated Gas
Peter Abdo
Peter Abdo
Managing Director & Head of Global Origination & LNG
Uniper SE
Nick Stansbury (1)
Nick Stansbury
Fund Manager, Global Equity Team
Legal & General
Steinar Solheim
Steinar Solheim
Vice President, Head of Energy Regulatory Affairs
Yara International
Bertrand Walle
Bertrand Walle
Climate & Energy Manager France
Borealis Chimie
Pierre Vergerio
Pierre Vergerio
Executive Vice President Gas Midstream, Energy Management & Optimization, Edison (and) Member of the Board, Eurogas
Cristian C EAGC 2019
Cristian Carranetto
Associate Director
European Bank for Reconstruction & Development
Elena EAGC 2019
Elena Burmistrova
Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee
Cristian Signoretto EAGC 2019
Cristian Signoretto
Chief Gas & LNG Marketing and Power Officer
Stephanie Sauner EAGC 2019
Stephanie Saunier
Managing Director
Carbon Limits AS
Andrea Galieti EAGC 2019
Andrea Galieti
Director for International Regulation
Michael Kearney EAGC 2019
Michael Kearney
Senior Investment Director
Aberdeen Standard Investments
Anne Braaksma EAGC 2019
Anne Braaksma
Head of Public Affairs
Barbara Jinks EAGC 2019
Barbara Jinks
Director Government Relations
Gas Infrastructure Europe
Clement Chandon EAGC 2019
Clement Chandon
Natural Gas Vehicles Sales Director
Victorperez EAGC 2019
Victor Manuel Perez
Global Integrated Gas & Region Energy Sector Lead
EAGC 2019 Peter Stewart
Peter Stewart
Managing Director of Interfax Europe Ltd and Chief Energy Analyst
Interfax Global Energy
EAGC 2019 Niels Fenzl
Niels Fenzl
Vice President Transportation and Terminals bei Uniper Global Commodities SE
Anje Deschoolmeester EAGC 2019
Anje Deschoolmeester
Vice President & Manager – Western Europe & Algeria
Geoffroy Hureau EAGC 2019
Geoffroy Hureau
Laura M EAGC 2019
Laura Monroe-Singer
Managing Director, Energy Advisory & Finance
Société Générale
Emmanuel Grand EAGC 2019
Emmanuel Grand
Managing Director
Franco M EAGC 2019
Franco Magnani
Executive Vice President - Business Unit Gas
B.Klauser EAGC 2019
Benedikt Klauser
Gas Policy Officer
The European Commission
Poppy Kalesi
Poppy Kalesi
Director, Global Energy
Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
Gregoire D S EAGC 2019
Gergely Molnar
Lead Gas Analyst
International Energy Agency
Gregoire D S EAGC 2019 (1)
Gregoire de Saivre
Vice President Markets & Strategy
Bryan Frey EAGC 2019
Bryan Frey
Vice President, Global Head of LNG Marketing
Freeport LNG Development


David Ledesma 195X200
David Ledesma
Energy & Strategy Consultant and Senior Fellow
Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
Mark Gyetvay 195X200
Mark Gyetvay
Deputy Chairman and Chief Financial Officer
PAO Novatek
Mark Simons 195X200
Mark Simons
Head of Upstream Gas Origination
Jean Baptiste Dubreuil 195X200
Jean-Baptiste Dubreuil
Senior Natural Gas Analyst
International Energy Agency
Marc La Rosa 195X200
Marc la Rosa
Former Co-Head Corporate Energy Markets EMEA
Société Générale
Francisco De La Flor 195X200
Francisco P. de la Flor
Director, International Organizations
Enagás, S.A.
Barnes Alex 195X200
Alex Barnes
Government Relations Advisor
Nord Stream 2 AG
Michael Kohl 195X200
Michael Kohl
Managing Director
innogy Gas Storage
Ludger Hu╠Êmbs 195X200
Ludger Hümbs
General Project Manager EUGAL
Wolk Roland 195X200
Roland Wolk
Head of Marketing & Sales
Central European Gas Hub
Jason Tate EAGC
Jason Tate
Chief Operating Officer, European Gas & Power
Poppy Kalesi
Poppy Kalesi
Director, Global Energy
Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
Mariana Ortiz Laborde Naturgy
Mariana Ortiz
Gas & LNG Supply Contracts Management Director
One of the great challenges of this great quest to try and get ourselves into a situation where we are not contributing to the risk of climate change is that no one really knows what the future will be, and its going to be determined by what emerges to be the most cost-effective and acceptable technologies.
Baroness Bryony Worthington Executive Director – Europe The Environmental Defense Fund
Baroness Bryony Worthington (1)
EAGC successfully incorporated the decarbonization agenda for gas and helped to position gas for the future.
Gregor Pett Executive Vice President Market Analytics/Market Solutions Uniper
Gregor Pett
What I really liked about EAGC 2019 has been getting external perspectives into the room…I think that this has been a real benefit of the conference this year to really help create some new thinking and push some new ideas within the sector that I hope will continue for future versions of the conference.
Oliver Rix Partner Baringa Partners
Oliver Rix
Energy companies usually invest in renewables, trying to balance some of their fossil fuels portfolio. Then they think we will stop hating them. That is not how it works. You need to show us that your capital expenditure standard is consistent with the Paris climate accord. Our industry wants your industry to show us you are really engaging with emissions and what you are doing to reduce it, until you make it zero.
Nick Stansbury Fund Manager, Global Equity Team Legal & General
Nick Stansbury (1)
The EAGC is one of the two biggest conferences for natural gas… [with speakers] calling on the industry to take action and it’s very important to say what we’re doing publicly as it shows commitment from the industry to deliver on what we’re saying.
François-Régis Mouton EU Affairs Director
François Régis Mouton
What we’ve had at the EAGC 2019 is a good balance of opinions, whether it be from NGOs, IOCs, NOCs, utilities or research consultancy houses and it has been a great event for networking and meeting new people from across the industry.
Murray Douglas Research Director European Gas Wood Mackenzie
Murray Douglas 195X200
The EAGC is one of the most prominent gas industry events. I think it’s by far the most important gas industry event.
Poppy Kalesi Director, Global Energy Environmental Defense Fund
Poppy Kalesi
EAGC continues to bring together the right mix of industry leaders, influencers We believe (the EAGC) is an important place for the industry to get together in this time of energy transition. The industry as a whole is rediscovering its future through innovation... we have ability to listen to clients, partners and competitors on their thinking.
Victor Manuel Perez Global Integrated Gas & Region Energy Sector Lead EY
Victorperez EAGC 2019
The EAGC 2019 offers an excellent opportunity, towards the end of the year, to gain fresh perspectives on the emerging trends for 2020 and beyond and provides an opportunity to network with a broad mix of new contacts from across the industry.
Mark Simons Head of Upstream Gas Origination Total
Mark Simons 195X200

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